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Travel photos from around the world with Dave & Marilyn Weil. Our latest is a cruise thru Antartica and the southern part of South America.  We also have a European River Cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Last fall was China (plus Bangkok) with over 250 pictures. The Mediterranean Cruise includes Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Islands, Italy, etc. In Europe we have a Baltic Sea cruise including Russia, Estonia, Denmark, etc., plus Spain & Morocco. We have 2 extensive tours in South American - one of the Amazon River and another which went to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, plus the Iguassu Falls. There is the Panama Canal with Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Islands. We see glaciers in Alaska and palms in Kauai. The U.S. is primarily the west coast, Grand Canyon, Sedona, San Diego Zoo - and of course a little of Las Vegas where we live, and some family photos, too. Click on the area you want to see below. Note that this site is on-going and a couple of the links may not yet be working. (the North Sea and India-Africa have not been added).

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