Our first stop was in Santos; however it was raining so hard that we got very few photos. Then after 2 days at sea we reached Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here we see the colorful La Boca area with it's artists and of course a Tango show. For more info on this city, see our other tour of South America taken a couple years ago.

santos1_small.jpg santos2_small.jpg santos3_small.jpg sunsetatsea1221_small.jpg
buenosaires1_small.jpg buenosairestourguide_small.jpg buenosairesbuilding_small.jpg colorfulbuildingsbuenosaires_small.jpg
colorfulstreetscenebuenosaires_small.jpg streetartist_small.jpg buenosairesscene_small.jpg buenosairescafe_small.jpg
buenosairesbuildingstatues_small.jpg sellingartwork_small.jpg statueinbuenosaires_small.jpg statueinbuenosaires2_small.jpg
tangoshowbuenosaires_small.jpg uswith2ofthetangodancers_small.jpg thetangohallinbuenosaires_small.jpg tangodancers1_small.jpg
tangodancers2_small.jpg tangodancers3_small.jpg tangodancers4_small.jpg tangodancers5_small.jpg

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