MA Bashing

Or my Rantings about Massachusetts

Photos of Cape Cod & Quincy Market.

Having lived in Massachusetts for 13 years, I accumulated quite a list of things that I dislike about the area. We left in '93 and this was our first trip back. Here are just a few:

Everything is quaint, old and ugly.

Ugly, ugly siding on most houses, and roofs. (This background is an example. It is cedar shake, allowed to darken naturally- this one is fairly new.)

Many houses have 7 or 7 1/2 ft. high ceilings, just like the 'old days'.

Even new homes are made to look old, with the interiors sparsely furnished, just like 200 years ago. And no air conditioning.

They put the light switches to bathrooms on the OUTSIDE of the room.

It is difficult to make friends there, as everyone tends to only associate with their own family or other 'natives'.

The people are living in the dark ages. They still get together every year and march in Concord and Lexington to re-inact wars and shoot off canons.

When we moved there, everything was closed on Sunday. Even supermarkets.

The 'natives' are against progress. Most towns are still run by yearly community meetings. Many will not allow fast food restaurants in THEIR town. What little shopping that's available is hidden in the trees or otherwise obscured.

The drivers are absolutely crazy.

The people don't pronounce their 'R's'.

Saving trees is more important to them than people.

Lot's of people are rude, snooty or self-important academic types.

Snow, snow, snow.

Parking at the Cape Cod beaches is $10. (to keep the non-residents out.)


Cape Cod and Quincy Market photos from 8/02.

Beach on Cape Cod.

A typical cemetary. There's lots of these.

Typical path leading to beach.

Typical street full of trees.

One fun spot. Water toys shaped like lobster, etc.

Quincy Market in downtown is the only place I go to in Boston when I go back there. Lots of people watching, food and shopping.

A bright spot. Flowers.