I'm not the type to study up on a place before going to see it - I prefer surpises. Petra was really a wonderful surpise - actually the highlight of the trip. Our hotel was just a few feet from the entrance - we could see some of the beautiful rocks right outside. Walking was the best way to see all of this, even if it was over 3 miles in and the same 3 miles coming out. One of the motivations for getting to the end was that the lunch restaurant was there. This first part (this page) just gets us to the Treasury - which is about half way in. It was a fantastic sight to see. There were carriages, donkeys and camels that would take you part way. But look at the path we were taking; 2000 year old cobblestones most of the way. A carriage ride would have been unbelievably bumpy. The rocks here are a big variety of colors as you can see. This area was populated in about 500 BC and probably was a previous river bed. Keep in mind while viewing these photos that none of the facades that are here were built, but actually carved into rock by hand into the side of the mountain. Same with all the caves. They were used as tombs, churches or as homes. Much of this was destroyed in an earthquake in 363. They were re-discovered in 1812 and named a World Heritage Site in 1985. Many films have been made here including 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. (For more on the history you can look it up!) Click on first image to start.

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