Europe -

Rhine & Danube River Cruise,

Baltic Sea Cruise,

Spain and Morocco

Start the European Cruise
We started in Madrid and covered Toledo; Barcelona and Montserrat, then atarted on a cruise which covered: Montblanc, Poblet, Cadiz, Gibraltor, Morocco, Madiera, Lanzarote and St. Maartin. Then crossed the Atlantic to the U.S.
Spain, Morocco, Canary Islands
Baltic Sea Cruise
Here is the route we took on our Baltic Sea Cruise. We stopped in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Sweden and of course Russia.
Our cruise started in Amsterdam and went down the Rhine and Danube Rivers to Budapest. We see the beautiful Cologne Cathedral, Rothenberg, Vienna, and the largest pipe organ in the world.
cruise route
Map of Baltic Area