These are mostly older photos, 2-3 years old or more.

Jeff, Matt and Jackie, Christmas 2001

My brother David with wife Mary in 1996. Photo taken by his son, Shawn. They like to fish, so they are all ready.

David at our grandfathers grave in Florida. He and Mary live in the mountains of North Carolina, at a golf and ski resort. He is an electrical engineer and quality control expert - retired from AT&T.

My sister Linda in the center with her husband Fred (on left) and David.

This is Linda and Fred's house in Florida. Linda worked for many years for the Social Security Adm. in Chicago.

These are roses which Linda grew. She recently became an official 'Master Gardener'. This requires several weeks of study and a desire to play in the dirt. She also recently completed the H&R Block tax course and worked for them during the last tax season. Fred is a CPA.

Linda in her family room.

This is Hadley, Loren's daughter. Taken in 1999.

Hadley and friends, early fall 2000.


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