Our Home in Henderson

Our Recreation Center with a nice restaurant, arts and crafts rooms, meeting rooms, fitness center, pools, etc.

Our home is on a golf course. This is the 7th hole of the Lexington Course. It's a difficult one to play. There is also a second course which is a little easier. The Las Vegas strip is in the far upper right background.

This is the floor plan our our house.

We moved here in Sept.'01. Notice the blue sky and absence of rain clouds. We have LOTS of SUN. The only really bad day we've had was the day of the hurricane-like dust storm.

Front of our home

Front of our house.

Our view in the back.

Above is our view towards Las Vegas. The buildings at the left are on the strip. Below is our view toward the Rec. Center and sales center. As you can see we are on a golf course. (A grassy view without having to mow.)

Dining Room

Dining Room

Family room

Family Room.


Living room

Part of Living Room.

The picture above is the backyard of our old house in Washington. I miss the greenery, the roses and the other pretty flowers. As you can see, tho, it's cloudy a lot.