This port is in the northeastern part of Greece. Since the ship was docking right in town, we chose to walk around and explore on our own. So we have photos primarily of street scenes. (If you want history, you'll have to get it elsewhere as this site is not intended to cover that)

thessalonikitown01_small.jpg thessalonikitown02_small.jpg thessalonikitown03_small.jpg thessalonikitown04_small.jpg thessalonikitown05_small.jpg
thessalonikitown06_small.jpg thessalonikitown07_small.jpg thessalonikitown08_small.jpg thessalonikitown09_small.jpg thessalonikitown10_small.jpg
thessalonikitown11_small.jpg thessalonikitown12_small.jpg thessalonikitown13_small.jpg thessalonikitown14_small.jpg thessalonikitown15_small.jpg
featuredinstorewindow_small.jpg thewesterdamisdockedclosetotown_small.jpg

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