Grand Canyon - south rim

We take 'The Train' from Williams

The Grand Canyon has to be the most 'awesome' site in the U.S. Most of the scenes are self explanatory. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it!

We took "The Train" from Williams to the south rim. This is a pleasant ride which takes about 2 1/2 hours. They have 5 different classes of service. We took the middle one which is called first class. The seats were comfortable, and they provided snacks and drinks on both trips. The 2 more expensive choices are not worth the extra money, in our opinion. They give you a better 'view', such as from the observation car. The problem is - there isn't anything to see! They lead you to think that the scenery is really great along the way; however you see nothing but a sagebrush desert most of the way.

We stayed overnight and rode the free shuttle around to the various view-points.

Before the train leaves, a little gunfight.

The steam engine of our train.

The historic train station at the Grand Canon.

'Bandits' (actors) holding up the train on the way back.

See the north rim.