Athens - Acropolis

The Acropolis covers an area of about 10 acres,  which includes the Parthenon and several other  buildings. There are also 2 theatres and a museum. The word Acropolis means 'the upper town'.  It is from 5th century BC.

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View of Parthenon. One of many, many ruins on this trip. It is made of white Pentelic marble 


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Back side of Parthenon.

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Next to the Parthenon is the Erechtheion. Statues of 6 young women are used as columns. This is called 'Porch of the Caryatids'. These statues are copies. The originals are in a museum to protect them from decay.


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Wall at the Acropolis


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Athens and the Temple of Zeus taken from the Acropolis.

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Dave (and many others) at the Acropolis.


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Part of the theatre where Yanni gave his concert. The Theatre of Diomysos.

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Statues of lions.


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