Athens - Our first impression was that it was another big, old and dirty city. Being old it had narrow streets and uneven sidewalks. Some of the buses couldn't get to our hotel - cars are parked all over the place. There are so many cars that they are restricted to driving every other day. No wonder the drivers here drive kind of crazy. There are also lots of taxis and motorcycles. In fact there are 17,000 taxis. And the taxis went on strike the day were boarding the ship, so we had to get a rental car with a driver. 

101davesleeping.jpg (23233 bytes)

The first morning, we had an early tour. Dave is sleeping in the hotel lobby while we wait for the bus.


The view from our hotel window. We stayed at the Divani Palace which is in a residential area. It was marginally acceptable and noisy.  Food here was only fair. Tang for breakfast instead of OJ, etc. Other hotels we heard about sounded better.

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A view of Athens, with the Theseion  in the center.

bch_cat.jpg (68800 bytes)

This little black cat hung out on the corner near our hotel. He's on part of a wooden crate.


cdg_plaka2.jpg (85799 bytes)

An area known as the Plaka. A lot of little streets with many shops. There are hotels in this area; I would try one of them if I went again. 

daa_smart_car.jpg (81194 bytes)

A cute little car called the Smart Car, made by Mercedes.

The Olympic Stadium seats 69,000 people. The athletes always performed naked to show off their bodies. Only males were allowed to compete.

102daveolympicstadium.jpg (40917 bytes)

Previous Olympic winners lists. The guy in front is not one of them.


103marolympicstadium.jpg (44730 bytes)

The stadium with me (Marilyn) in front.

Athens - Acropolis Mycanae Ancient Corinth Epidauros Delphi


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