Delphi is northwest of Athens more than a 2 hour drive. Most of the buses on these tours are uncomfortable with small seats. Many of them do have restrooms, but they are kept locked because the driver doesn't like to clean them. As you can see it is in the mountains. It's fairly green here - could be almost anyplace. There are a lot of olive trees, plus they are growing wheat, cotton, and potatoes. The ruins here date from about 6th century BC. There is also a museum. 

cca_delphi53_aquaduct.jpg (54516 bytes)

Part of the aqua duct, which brought water to the area.

cbj_delphi36__temple_of_apollo5.jpg (78076 bytes)

Temple of Apollo.


405greece.jpg (32415 bytes)

Winged Sphinx of the Naxiots.

delphi_reconstruct.jpg (29880 bytes)

This postcard shows an artist drawing of a reconstruction of these ruins. Just amazing!


403greece.jpg (29189 bytes)

This is twins, Cleobis and Biton. They died from exhaustion after pulling their mother's chariot for 5 miles. (She was the Priestess).

402greece.jpg (36438 bytes)

An egg shape in the museum. Carved stone.


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