We visit Cyprus, Rhodes, Malta and Sicily.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It was inhabited as early as 8,000 BC. Copper mines generated a lot of wealth for the people here. It has green mountains with little villages. Each village has a craft or product that they specialize in. The island was also the center of the cult worshipping Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Dubbed the 'island of love' it now has liberal marriage laws and attracts couples from Tel Aviv who do not want to go through the stringent rituals of Orthodox Judaism. 

We visit the ancient city of Kourion which has another Temple of Apollo. Apollo was considered to be the God of Light, of sun, of poetry, of music, of the Woodland and the protector of the city.

1401cypres.jpg (56528 bytes)

Ancient ruins of Kourion.

1404cypres.jpg (41005 bytes)

Part of theatre with countryside below.

1402cypres.jpg (51154 bytes)

Mosaic in the bath area.

1403cypes.jpg (54701 bytes)

More mosaics.

1405cypres.jpg (49637 bytes)

Map of the Temple of Apollo and area.

1407cypres.jpg (30553 bytes)

Temple of Apollo - what's left of it.

1406cypres.jpg (38150 bytes)

Ruins by temple.

ibx_temple_of_apollo15_roman_sauna.jpg (61616 bytes)

The bath/sauna area. Hot bricks were put on top of these columns to generate warmth. Of course the top was enclosed.

ibl_temple_of_apollo3_wash_basin.jpg (45330 bytes)

Wash basin.

ibn_temple_of_apollo5.jpg (61792 bytes)

More ruins.

1408cypres.jpg (49286 bytes)

Leaving Kourion there are rock retaining walls all over the countryside.

1410cypres.jpg (34141 bytes)

A small winery.

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