Rhodes - Palace

The Palace of the Grand Master was rebuilt in 1940 from plans of the original building. They were able to maintain the original mosaics, which are beautiful. 
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Sign at entrance. 

jbk_rhodes_grand_master_entrance1.jpg (59651 bytes)


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Gorgeous tapestry chair.

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Inside courtyard.


1608rhodes.jpg (34734 bytes)

Metal door. Very nice.

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'Laocoon'. 1st c. BC. Fighting the monster snakes.

jck_rhodes_grand_master_wall_seats.jpg (55203 bytes)

Wooden seats along the wall.

1607rhodes.jpg (34030 bytes)

A light fixture.

jcm_rhodes_grand_master_bedroom.jpg (62626 bytes) jcp_rhodes_grand_master_maltese_cross.jpg (40711 bytes)

Maltese Cross.

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1701rhodes.jpg (76345 bytes) b1709mosaicdetail.jpg (41769 bytes)

Detail of a mosaic.

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