The old town area of Rhodes is a walled medieval fortress.. The streets are rough cobblestone, so we are constantly looking down as we walk. There are several nice outdoor cafes, and for those who like to shop - 120 gold shops. We were told this was the best place to buy gold jewelry. A nice place to spend more time.

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The harbor with sailboats.

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The D'Amboise Gate is one entrance to the walled town  This is a typical view of follow the leader. We were bus #15.

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A stroll along an ancient street.

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Another street.

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In the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum.

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Walkway around the courtyard.

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Statue of Aphrodite of Rhodes. She is wringing water from her hair after emerging from the sea.

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A carved marble funeral pillar from 5th c. BC. Crito, the daughter, has cut her hair short in mourning, as her mother, Timarista, is leaving the world.

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Lunch at an outdoor cafe. Dave  had a nice salad, while I loaded up on carbs.

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