Omodhos was a small picturesque old village which has been preserved pretty much in it's original state. Small narrow streets - a nice place to walk around. There are lot's of artists, paintings, lace and crochet work, etc.
icq_omodhos18_crochet.jpg (58335 bytes)

Making crochet goods.


icg_omodhos8_church_of_wooden_cross.jpg (55558 bytes)

Interior of the Church of the Wooden Cross.


1502cypres.jpg (44805 bytes)

Pretty yellow flowers

1503cypres.jpg (60369 bytes)

Lace goods for sale on the street.

1504cypres.jpg (51256 bytes)

Painting on the sidewalk.

1508cypres.jpg (61544 bytes)

I wonder what lace umbrellas are used for. They do have a lot of sun.

1507cypres.jpg (69660 bytes)

Courtyard of private home.

1505cypres.jpg (46737 bytes)

A Kitty.

ict_omodhos21_gate&flower_pots.jpg (81296 bytes) 1506cypes.jpg (41621 bytes)

This man is the only glass-blower on the island.

icp_omodhos17_wine_maker.jpg (72650 bytes)

This is the local winemaker. The wine was about $2. a bottle. (And not real good.)

1509grapevine.jpg (58233 bytes)

The front patio area of this house is completely covered the a grapevine. And - can you see all the bunches of grapes hanging down?

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