The island of Malta has no rivers, lakes, no natural resources and few trees. Their crops include potatoes, onions and carob. The seaport of Valletta was a pleasant surprise. The town was much prettier than expected.  The ruins in the area contain some of the world's oldest stone monuments. 
malta_templeoverview.jpg (43979 bytes)

Picture of a reconstruction of the prehistoric temple of Hagar Qim. From 2800 BC.

2007rhodes.jpg (42313 bytes)

Our guide was very good. He grew up in the area near the Temple.

2011rhodes.jpg (52997 bytes)

Interesting, but what is it?

2009rhodes.jpg (58076 bytes)

A room.

1912rhodes.jpg (45960 bytes) 2102tarxien_temple.jpg (50397 bytes)
2110tarxien_temple.jpg (58353 bytes)

For grinding grain, etc.

b2108tarxien_rockwall.jpg (58952 bytes)

Detail of a rock wall around the site.

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