Malta scenes

We enjoyed walking around the town. One of the places we visited here was the Maritime Museum. 

2111vallenta.jpg (37930 bytes)

What a name for a garage...

2112vallenta_malta.jpg (57382 bytes)

View from the Maritime Museum.

2004maritime.jpg (67601 bytes) 2201malta.jpg (38253 bytes)

Fountain at main square.

2202malta.jpg (57960 bytes) 2204malta.jpg (59510 bytes)
2205malta.jpg (50223 bytes)

Sidewalk art sale.

keb_malta_bus.jpg (60684 bytes)

These are city buses. Cute !


2001malta_maritime.jpg (31248 bytes)

A cannon in the Maritime Museum.


kbs_maritime_anchors.jpg (38643 bytes)

Ancient anchors.

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