Sicily  is the largest of the Mediterranean islands. It sits just off the 'toe' of mainland Italy. One of it's mountains is Mt. Etna, which is 10,700 ft. This island is densely populated with over 5 million people. This area was greener than the places we had been farther south. They grow lemons, olives, almonds, grapes and artichokes.  We dock on the western tip at Palermo. There had been a gas strike, because they export to Rome and their prices were still over $4. a gallon. The 1st day after the strike (the day we were there) all the gas stations were jammed and cars were lined up for blocks waiting to buy gas. 
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This window on an apartment was painted to depict the first US man landing on the moon.

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Basilica Cattedrale

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A photo of the rock streets.

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An old public laundry area.

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Pastry too pretty to eat.

line_for_gas_cefalu.jpg (77329 bytes)

One of the gas stations.

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