From Corinth, we returned to Athens and boarded the Rotterdam for our 12 days of cruising. They had lectures about the various ports and tours that we could attend; which were also shown on the ships TV channel at various times. The 'downside' to the bus tours is that you go where the bus takes you. There were many times (while on a bus) that I saw things I would like to photograph, but of course the bus is not stopping. 

Our first stop was Turkey.

The Rotterdam docks at Kusadasi, a resort town on the Aegean Sea. Nearby are Priene with the Temple of Athena, and Didyma with another Temple of Apollo. It seems everyone had a Temple of Apollo. One of the major crops here is cotton. It is picked by nomad families who live in tents in the fields. In the afternoon we visited Ephesus which is a really huge site. (see next page.) And of course we were taken to a short lecture at a rug dealer.

ebx_life_boat_drill_preparation.jpg (47637 bytes)

Life Boat Drill. No, I'm not flossing! 

us_ship_turkey.jpg (18357 bytes)

Ready to go on tour.

801turkey.jpg (102190 bytes)


This is the very rocky and long path up to the ruins in Priene. Several hundred steps. 

808priene_templeofathena.jpg (55984 bytes)

The Temple of Athena. 

Ruins near the Temple of Athena. This site was hardly worth the long hike up the mountain. Nice, but much smaller than others. 

807turkey.jpg (81025 bytes)

Yes, he really is holding that column upright.


At Didyma - doesn't this look like Elvis? This is the Greek Goddess Medusa.

Temple of Apollo at Didyma. This is another smaller site of ruins. It is, however, much easier to get to. It was originally founded by the Amazons in 2000 BC., but the original site became too marshy so it was moved to the present site in about 290 BC.

Column construction. Rocks inside the pillars.

Here we are - returning to the ship after a full day of trekking over rocks and ruins.  Tired!

909turkeycarpet.jpg (119551 bytes)


This silk carpet is a typical souvenir of turkey. It was beautiful. Had about 400 knots per inch. Have you heard the saying "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it"? 


Other souvenirs. Bookmarks made to look like Turkish carpets.  They are even finely woven of threads to make a fabric. These I bought.


Up Ephesus

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