Ephesus is a huge area in Turkey where 250,000 people once lived. It is thought to be about 25 miles long, but it hasn't been completely uncovered.

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Before we visited Ephesus, we had lunch at a hotel nearby. This is part of the buffet. This was one of the better lunches we had on the organized tours.

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These little pastries were delicious. They were soaked in honey. One was called Borak, and another was Tulumba. We're searching for the recipes. 

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Beach by hotel where we had lunch.

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Nike, Goddess of Victory.

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Dave in front of some discarded friezes.

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This was spectacular. It is Curetes St., which leads down to the library, the 2 story structure.

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The Library of Celsus, 2nd century AD. May have been 3 stories at one time.

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One of four statues at the library.

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One of the very large mosaic walkways.

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Detail of the mosaic.

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Approaching the library, with the arches on the right is the Temple of Hadrian.

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Temple of Hadrian.

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Statue of Artemis, the goddess of nature. Carved designs are bees, deer, crabs, etc.

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This is Harbour St. - it leads to the harbor from the Great Theatre. This was the most important street. It even had a sewage system underneath it.

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The Great Theatre.

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Items for sale. The ones with the footprint are copies of the ad for the brothel.

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This is the brothel advertisement which points the way.

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