The Ship & Kitchen

A few photos and a tour of the ship's kitchen.  

fff_anniversary1.jpg (58248 bytes)

Anniversary of the other couple at our table.

2307ship_usdinner.jpg (33631 bytes)

That's us on one of the 'formal' nights..

jez_rotterdam_lido_pool2.jpg (87281 bytes)

Lido pool and deck.

2308ship_waiter.jpg (19876 bytes)

Our waiter.


The Kitchen Tour

How would you like to cook 6000 meals a day?  They do it on the Rotterdam with a large staff and an even larger kitchen. They gave a tour, so here's an idea of the size of the kitchen. 

1106shipkitchen.jpg (44879 bytes)

Refrigerators. Aren't you glad you don't have to clean all of those?

1107shipkitchen.jpg (42827 bytes)

Part of prep area.

1108shipkitchen.jpg (44927 bytes)

A giant floor mixer.

1104shipkitchen.jpg (39002 bytes)

Clean-up area.

1105shipkitchen.jpg (33525 bytes)


1111shipkitchen.jpg (44649 bytes)

Spice storage.

1109shipkitchen.jpg (32665 bytes)

Making bread.

1110shipkitchen.jpg (44362 bytes)

Finished bread.

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