Floral Vegetables

They  gave demonstrations on how to carve vegetables and melon into pretty designs. Included were  written directions that I will share with you, so you can WOW your friends at your next party. (Don't call me with questions - I haven't tried this!)

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A fish design on a watermelon.

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A bouquet of flowers carved from vegetables.

Directions for vegetable carving.

Supplies needed: 

Fresh, crisp vegetables (carrots, cabbage, leeks, onions, beets and turnips.) 

Sharp paring knife.

Bamboo skewers.

Melon scoop/baller.

Prepare a vase or base for your vegetable floral creation with a pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew or small watermelon. 

  1. Slice a piece off of the bottom so it stands securely.

  2. Slice a piece of the top, and scoop out the seeds.

  3. Insert a whole leek or bundle of celery, upright, into the center. This adds greenery, height and acts as a 'filler' for your 'floral arrangement'.

  4. Secure this greenery by piercing the vase with bamboo skewers through to the center greenery. Snap off the ends of the skewers, so that none show on the outside. 

Before carving your vegetable creations, soak them in a solution of ice water and white vinegar. (2-3 T. per qt. of ice water. ) The vinegar will keep your white vegetable white and the ice water will keep everything cool and crisp for best results. 

Skewer each floral creation on a bamboo stick and insert the bamboo into the tube from a green onion before anchoring into the vase/base. 

Store your 'flowers' in a fresh solution of water/vinegar and keep them refrigerated in between uses. 


Leek Daisy:

Cut a 3 inch length of leek (root end) and leaving 1/2" at the root end uncut, make parallel incisions about 1/4" apart all around the leek. (Only cut into the center, not farther). Separate the many layers by rolling the cut leek between the flattened palms of your hand. Skewer the leek from root end to the cut end and add a sliced off tip of carrot for center. Or try a strawberry or an olive as the center. 


Tiger Lily or Dragon Flower:

Cut very thin slices of carrot with a slicing machine down the length of the carrot. Leaving 3/4" at both the top and the bottom, make parallel cuts through the thin carrot slice. (Cut vertically). Cut the two end strips in half. Skewer a medallion of carrot as a 'stopper', and add the slices of carrot to the stick, wrapping wrapping them into a curly -cue before adding them on.  Use 3 strips and stagger them. Scoop a ball of carrot to add as a centerpiece. 


Red Onion Pom-Pom - Mum:

Slice the top off of a medium sized red onion. From a birdseye view, cut the onion in half, quarter, eights, etc. until the onion as been cut into many petals like a chrysanthemum. Soak in ice water and let it 'bloom' before skewering. The water/vinegar takes the 'sting' out and keeps the onion from browning.. 


Carrot Tulips/Vegetable Cups:

Cut 3" length of carrot (or other veggie) and carve into either hourglass or barrel shapes. Hold the shape upright and cut down into the center of the carrot to make petal shaped scallops. Remove the center by inserting paring knife and twisting the top off. Simple!


Anthurium Flower or Leaf:

Cut a large leaf of red or green cabbage into a heart or spade shape with your sharp paring knife. Insert bamboo through the large center vein on the underside of the leaf. Add the centerpiece onto the skewer, made from a carved 'cone' of carrot. You may also with to try a fresh baby ear of corn as the 'anther'. This is the easiest of the vegetable flowers.

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