Pompeii is near Naples, where we docked for the day. Our first stop was a cameo factory. Pompeii was perfectly preserved from 79 AD, when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and buried it 20 ft. deep in ash and lava.

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Cameos are carved from sea shells. Most of them have a fantastic amount of detail. They are graded and priced according to the person who made them - master, apprentice, etc.  Many are set into 18 kt. gold, which  also effects the price. 

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The walkway into Pompeii.

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Remains of the Temple of Apollo.

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Interior of Basilica with Tribune at the back.

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Reconstruction of the Temple of Apollo.

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Area of the Temple of Vespasian with marble alter decorated in a relief depicting sacrifice of a bull.

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Rows of shops.

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Reconstruction view of shops lining the street behind the arch.

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This is the cast of a man who was found in the baths; an apparent victim of the eruptions. Notice the fingernails.

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And his head. Teeth and all!

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