Pompeii Villa

Near the ruins is a luxurious villa called the House of Vettii. Many of the walls were covered in huge paintings of a wide variety of subjects such as: a naval battle, wars, Hercules killing serpents, etc. There were also several erotic scenes. One which I will not show is of a man weighing his gigantic phallus against a bag full of money on the other scale pan.
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This scene depicts 2 women holding drinking horns while the man in the toga is imbibing. The crested serpent on the bottom is a common monster symbol.

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Pots for ?

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A cherub statue in the courtyard.

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Wall in the dining room depicts cupids preparing perfume.

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He's pretending to be a statue. Behind is part of Pompeii ruins.

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Building (government) in Naples.

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A juice vendor where we had a break. Notice the Washington state apple decal.

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