There is a lot to see in Rome, and a couple of days doesn't do it justice. While there, we were constantly warned about pickpockets, gypsies, etc. We were lucky we didn't encounter them, but many people did. 
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Motorbikes are lined up everyplace. A favorite mode of transportation. 

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A carriage ride would be nice.

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The Spanish Steps - there are 137 built of limestone in 1726.

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Circus Maximus. This was originally about a third of a mile long and held 200,000 people. Fifty chariot races were held a year up until 549 AD. 

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Statue of Pollux.

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Here is a reconstruction view of the Circus Maximus.


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At the Campidoglio - a personification of the Nile.

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Statue of Marcus Aurelius.


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Part of the Roman Forum.

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More of the Roman Forum.

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