Florence is a lovely city, and not as huge as Rome. Many things are within walking distance. The architecture is beautiful there also. 
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Michelangelo's David in the Tribune of the Accademia.

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A gift store by the name of David.

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This the the Baptistery, with carved gold doors called Gates of Paradise. Each panel depicts a story from the Old Testament.


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Detail of one section of the door Gates of Paradise. This is The Fall of Jericho.

florence_baptistry_mosaicceiling.jpg (87049 bytes)

Check this out! This is the ceiling of the Baptistery. It is not a painting, but is made entirely of mosaics. (scanned photo.)

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The Cathedral.

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3214florence.jpg (72851 bytes)

Dome of the Cathedral.

pcq_florence_mime.jpg (47875 bytes)

This was a mime on the street covered in a sheet and white paint.

pcc_florenc_piazza_signoria_neptune_fountain1.jpg (62876 bytes)

Piazza Signoria, Neptune Fountain.

pcg_florence_basilica_stcroce1.jpg (55685 bytes)

Basilica St. Croce.

pck_florence_marilyn_at_ponte_vecchio.jpg (46271 bytes)

Here I am on the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

pcl_florence_ponte_vecchio_market2.jpg (74406 bytes)

Part of the shopping scene on the Ponte Vecchio. (This bridge is lined with shops on both sides. A tourist's paradise - although the guy with his arms crossed doesn't look too happy.)


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