Cairo has to be the largest, dirtiest and most congested city we've seen. It was over a two hour drive from the port in Alexandria to Cairo. Then another hour to drive through the city.  Of course the object here is to get to the pyramids. We did stop at the Museum first.

1201egypt.jpg (30372 bytes)

A 'Pepsi" stop along the way.

1202egypt.jpg (38652 bytes)

Part of downtown Cairo.

1203egypt.jpg (42966 bytes)

One way of carrying your vegetables.

1204egypt.jpg (49414 bytes)

Another street scene.

1205egypt.jpg (59441 bytes)

Apartment buildings. These are nice finished ones.

hce_egypt_buildings.jpg (36495 bytes)

A more typical view of buildings. There is no tax on buildings which are unfinished, so thousands of buildings are like this, with the top floor obviously unfinished. People are usually living in the lower floors.


Egyptian Museum Pyramids & Sphinx

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