Pyramids & Sphinx

The area around the pyramids is pure desert - very dry, dusty and windy. It was in the high 70's and very warm. (First part of October). I would not want to visit here in the hot summer months. There are several vendors offering souvenirs and camel rides. These are all supposed to be licensed by the government. (Some are not.) That probably means very little for the tourist. One story we heard was this: You take a camel ride (about $10. for a quick minute) and the driver will offer to take your picture. Then he will  charge you extra to return your camera. 

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This very old man was sitting on his donkey.

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Camel rides.

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This is a guard. One of the few countries where guards were stationed several places.

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One of the pyramids can be entered. It's a dark, narrow passageway with a low ceiling and you have to walk bent over. Dave is one of the people coming out of it.

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The Sphinx is nearby.

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These bookmarks from Egypt are printed on Papyrus paper. Good small souvenirs to carry home. One has the hieroglyphic alphabet.


This is the hieroglyphic alphabet. Many people were buying gold Cartouche's - which is a pendent that you wear on a chain.  They contain your name done totally in these symbols. Enlarge it to determine what your name would look like.


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