Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum was a mad-house. Picture hundreds of groups of people. Each group has at least 1 tour leader who is trying to describe the exhibits (in several languages), and they need to out-shout the other guides so they can be heard. These groups are going in all different directions, as there is no logical order to the place. Yes, King Tut's exhibit is there; but I was glad I had seen it in Boston where it was much more civilized. As in all museums, you are not allowed to use a flash on your camera. Most all displays were behind glass, so our photos are not as clear as I would like.

kingtutcard.jpg (26697 bytes)

haa_egyptianmuseum1_sphynix.jpg (88076 bytes)

Outside the Egyptian Museum.

hca_egyptianmuseum53_tut_chair.jpg (70523 bytes)

One of King Tut's chairs.

hba_egyptianmuseum27_tut_jars_for_guts.jpg (44508 bytes)

This jar is to hold 'guts' from bodies that were going to be mummified.

had_egyptianmuseum4_ramsesII.jpg (28652 bytes)

Ramses II.

haj_egyptianmuseum10_tut_gold_statues.jpg (43260 bytes)

Gold statues, part of the King Tut exhibit.

hap_egyptianmuseum16_tut_caskets.jpg (31244 bytes)


hau_egyptianmuseum21_tut_mask.jpg (27470 bytes)

King Tut mask.

hat_egyptianmuseum20_tut_gold_beltpieces.jpg (37198 bytes)

Gold belt pieces.

hbi_egyptianmuseum35_tut_guard_dog.jpg (45586 bytes)

One of Tut's guard dogs.

hbk_egyptianmuseum37_tut_carriage.jpg (40189 bytes)

Tut's carriage.

hbq_egyptianmuseum43_tut_carriers.jpg (45512 bytes)

King Tut's carrier. (What a life!)

hbl_egyptianmuseum38_tut_condoms.jpg (34991 bytes)


hcd_egyptianmuseum56_tut_mummies&caskets.jpg (43095 bytes)

Mummies and caskets.

hby_egyptianmuseum51_tut_hyroglyphics.jpg (46101 bytes)



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