Epidauros is another town in Greece. There is a museum, of course, and a large theatre.

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Replicas of artifacts that were found at this site. Many originals are in the British Museum.


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The 'capital' from a column.

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This Theatre in Epidauros was built in 4th century AD, and was restored in 1954. It seats 14,000 and has perfect acoustics. Maria Callas checked before she performed there. If you drop a coin at 'center stage', you can hear it in any seat.

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The front row seats were for the VIP's/royalty. They had backs on the seats. Not too many backs are still on them, however; and they are still hard as rocks!

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A view from the top.

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The Aegean Sea.

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On the way back to Athens, our bus had a flat tire. We felt very lucky that it did not happen in the mountains.

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Waiting by the side of the highway. After about an hour, another bus rescued us.

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At the left  is the highway scene where we had the flat tire. As you can see there are hundreds of  trucks parked along side the road. This was a familiar sight around Athens. The truckers were on strike to protest the gas prices, which were over $4. a gallon. The day we left the taxi drivers also went on strike.


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