Ancient Corinth

Corinth is a seaport and an agricultural market dealing primarily in sultanas, which have been exported since the 14 C.  We visited Ancient Corinth - a site a few miles outside of the modern town. Here we find another Temple of Apollo. 


Interesting architecture.


The port where St. Paul entered Corinth.

This is a Temple of Apollo from 6th century BC. There are only 7 of the original 38 Doric style columns left.

705greece.jpg (79837 bytes)

Arch by the Temple of Apollo.

706greece.jpg (102130 bytes)

More ruins of rooms.

eal_ancient_corinth6_fountain_of_glauke.jpg (78048 bytes)

Fountain of Glauke.

ebr_ancient_corinth39_temple_of_octavia.jpg (60100 bytes)

Temple of Octavia.

greekvase.jpg (45074 bytes)

A nice souvenir of Greece. A handmade 'authentic' copy of a museum piece.  The price in Athens - $15., here in the US - $65. 

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