Lanzarote, Canary Islands

We were surprised to find that this and the other Canary Islands were covered in grey-black, rough volcanic rocks. Somehow I had expected lush and tropical. Obviously I hadn't done my homework on this one.

All the houses on the island are painted white with either blue or green trim. They have put a controlled growth plan in place that allows only 1 resort per 'section'. The building height is limited to 3 stories.

This island has 32 volcanoes. In many places the earth, just under the surface, is very hot. In fact one of the restaurants has dug a large hole and regularly cooks over it.

The highlight of this trip was taking the camel ride. Actually they were using one hump dromedaries. There are 600 of them on the island and these animals can carry 1000 lbs.or more each. They are fitted with 2 side saddles, which made it easy to get on and off. It's a bumpy ride (and smelly), but fun nevertheless.

The eruption of volcanoes in the past has created lava tubes. These are like long underground caves. The one we visited had a pond, a restaurant and even a large theater set up inside.

The climate here is mild and dry. There are no rivers on the island. Through artifical irrigation they are able to grow bananas, citrus fruits, and wine grapes. The grapes, tho, were very scrawny and dry looking.

Sign near port
Barren volcanic landscape
More of nothing.
Cooking over a hot volcano.
Our camel
Us on our camel ride.
Everyone else on their camels, in front of us.
Inside of a lava tube.
Hibiscus flower
Crab symbol



















































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