Montblanc and Poblet, Spain

Montblanc is a 45 minute drive from the port of Tarragona, Spain. Montblanc means white mountain. This is a medival town with the usual church and narrow rocky streets. There are a few shops and some people do live here. A short drive away is the Monestary of Poblet. This retreat ws founded in the 12th century by Cistercians monks from France. Some monks in the area have liqour distilleries and there is also a lot of wine made here.
Architecture at the Monestary.
Fancy carved stone pictures in Cathedral Our ship, the Westerdam, at dock in Poblet
Typical apartment buildings. A few pretty flowers
There were lots of monkeys here. and they were everywere. We did stop at Gibraltor before going to Cadiz. There really wasn't much to see there but 'the rock'. We stood in line for an hour to take a tram to the top.There were lots of apes/monkeys running around up there - stealing peoples bags and jumping on their heads. After 5 minutes of the view, we were ready to leave. We walked down to the mid-point where we got the tram to return. There was supposed to be good shopping, but we were too tired to check it out. In my view, not worth seeing.











































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