Liz Taylor house in Puerto Vallerta



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Richard Burton bought this house for Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. After they got married, he purchased the one across the street. (It is known as the Richard Burton house). The two homes are connected by a pink bridge across the street, and the only way to get to his house is to go through hers and across the bridge. Whenever Burton was drunk, he was banished to his house, and it became known as his 'doghouse'.

This is considered an upper class Mexican home, and is not of the same standards as the Hollywood homes of that era. When Liz sold it in 1990, to the present owner, she left everything inside - furniture, pictures, etc. So most items in the homes are original.


It is set on a hill, and there is no air conditioning, and the windows are open, with no glass or screens. (There are shutters inside which close). The upholstered pieces need new fabic every 2 years, because of sun damage.

There is a central court-yard with 4 bedrooms off it with baths running between the bedrooms. The home is currently being used as a bed and breakfast, with a rate of $110. a night. It is also for sale, with a list price of $1.9 million.

The official name of her house is 'Casa Kimberly'. This was the name prior to Liz owning it, and she was unable to get the name changed. The post office uses the name to deliver mail.


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