Mainz, Gutenberg Museum, Bridges and Locks

The capital of Rheinland-Pfalz and a university town, Mainz is situated on the left bank of the Rhine opposite the mouth of the Main River. It is the center of the Rhine wine trade and is an important commercial and industrial center. In the center of town stands the Romanesque Cathedral of SS. Martin and Stephen. It was begun in 975 and its construction continued throughout the 13th Century. Inside are numerous lavishly decorated tombs belonging to prominent bishops. Nearby is the Gutenberg Museum which houses old printing presses, type and the Gutenberg Bible, etc.

Mainz church
Mainz church ceiling

Below you can see how we went under a very low bridge. Part of the ship slides down into the deck in order to go under these bridges. You cannot continue to stand on deck while under the bridge - you must duck down as you can see below.

Gutenberg bible
Bridge on canal
Raising the cockpit up again.
The cockpit of ship lowers.
Approaching bridge - very low overhead.

There was an unbelieveable number of locks that we went through.... I think 68 total, on all the rivers. The background of this page is the dark concrete from along-side one of them.

Very low - keep down!
One of many locks.
Another view of lock.