This town became a center for religious life in the Middle Ages after it was converted to Christianity by St. Emmeramus in the 7th Century. There is still a density of religious building in the city center. The wealth and ambition of local merchants is shown by the Italian style towers which were built from the 12th to the 14th Century. The 1000 feet-long Old Stone Bridge that was built in  the 12th century is a masterpiece of early engineering. Another important landmark is the cathedral of St. Peter, (13th to 16th century), an important example of Bavarian Gothic style. Also here is one of the best preserved Gothic city gates in Germany. (lower right photo).

Old bridge
Fresco on building - Regensburg
Plague on old house
Interesting doorway
Old time balcony
Kiss my ass statue
Regensburg city center
Church in Regensburg
Church altar
city gate